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Green areas: Open street parking on Redondo Ave, and the main parking lot behind the Out of the Closet thrift store. This parking lot is currently smaller than usual with storage containers. This lot will fill up quickly.
Purple area: Open street parking along E. 19th Street.
Red area: This used to be our overflow lot off of Loma Ave. This lot, and the office complex it was attached to are currently completely gone, and under construction. We do not know at this time if the lot will return, or be available.

Parking is a little tricky at this time, with our main parking lot being smaller than usual, and with the loss of our overflow parking lot. When looking for parking in nearby areas that exceed what we have indicated on this map, please be mindful of any signs in the area indicating you should not park there. Do not block any residences. Parking in lots for other nearby businesses (even if they appear closed) will be at your own risk, and you may get towed. The nearby animal hospital for instance will not hesitate to tow vehicles that attempt to use their parking lot.

  • Do not park in any other lots — local businesses and hotels WILL TOW, 24 hours a day.
  • As with any high-tourist urban area, do not leave valuables in your car.


(Please note "Signal Hill" is a bordering city - some locations refer to being in Long Beach, some don't, just consider them the same city!

Quality Inn -

(562) 597-3374

 (Note - it has come to our attention that the other two hotels in walking distance are capable of having ongoing issues and we only want to encourage positive TAIL! experiences - please use those other than the Quality Inn at your own discretion.  There are also other hotels (of which we don't have much feedback with) in driving distance that you can get a Lyft/ Uber from in case you decide to drink without a DD!)