Are there rules for the event including COVID ones?

First the COVID ones- Yes, you need to bring proof of vaccination now in addition to your ID.  You must wear a mask inside with obvious temporary exceptions (karaoke, consuming a drink or food, etc) You do -not- have to wear a mask on the patio as long as you respect distance. You do not have to wear a mask when you sing karaoke but you must have it on before/after besides when drinking or eating.  You must wear a mask otherwise. You must wear a mask on the dance floor. Yes, wearing a fursuit head is technically fine, but when you take it off, we ask you put a mask on immediately, and have one on up to the moment before you put a fursuit head on. Be safe regardless!

CLICK HERE for current LA county guidelines

For the non-COVID rules-

  • No photography downstairs (the basement... please see below under "Can I take pictures?" for more information)
  • No touching anyone anywhere without consent. If you are harassed in any way inappropriately, tell Lenny or a bar employee ~the same night immediately~ if you fail to do this, such as bringing it up weeks or even days later, your complaint will likely be too late
  • No sleeping anywhere- if you appear to be sleeping, even if you are in fursuit, you will be warned, and if it happens a second time, you run the risk of the bar asking you to leave... if you are too tired, please don't come or go home.
  • No coming if you are sick! If you are sick- any type, from a cold to at risk of spreading -anything- please do not come. Thanks!

When's the next TAIL!?

Friday, December 3, 2021.  As for future ones, they will be announced when we feel the schedule is stable again. There are currently no Saturday plans but they will likely happen again in the future!

When does TAIL! start?

The event/ cover charge both officially start at 7 pm on Fridays and the event/ charge start at 8 pm on Saturdays now. The club opens its doors at 6 pm on Fridays (regardless of what Google may say so far) and 6 pm as well on Saturdays. Charge needs to be in cash (there is an ATM inside) Coming before 7 pm on Fridays lets you avoid the charge, and coming before 8 pm on Saturdays lets you avoid the charge.

What is the cover charge?

Fridays - $5 (Starts at 7 pm)

Saturdays- $7 (Starts at 8 pm)

Where can we park?

Check out this picture -


PIN: Club location

GREEN: Lot #1 (Behind Out of the Closet) - after 7 p.m. (Do not park here before 7 pm, as it belongs to Out of the Closet before then)

YELLOW: Lot #2 (Loma Ave) - if it is not gated, it is o.k. to use for the night

PURPLE: Street parking (Reservoir Dr W)

  • Do not park in the lot at the club — this is reserved for liquor store traffic - however, you can pull in there to drop off passengers and boxes.
  • There is often street parking near the club on Redondo Avenue or Pacific Coast Highway (main east/west street on map)
  • After 7 pm, you may park behind the Out of the Closet thrift shop; entry is on Newport Ave, just across from the club, but -do not stay here past 2 a.m.-
  • Sometimes there is overflow parking at the adjacent lot, entered on Loma Ave between the office complex and the car dealer. If the gate for that lot is open, it's ok to use. They will not lock your car in the lot, but -do not stay here past 2 a.m.-
  • There is almost always parking across PCH on the street behind Rodeway Inn. Open street, open parking.
  • Do not park in any other lots — local businesses and hotels WILL TOW, 24 hours a day.
  • As with any high-tourist urban area, do not leave valuables in your car.

I'm coming a long way - any hotels in walking distance?

There sure are! Check these out! (Please note "Signal Hill" is a bordering city - some locations refer to being in Long Beach, some don't, just consider them the same city!)

Econolodge -

(562) 343-1820

Quality Inn -

(562) 597-3374

(note - we do not recommend the Rodeway Inn due to general complaints - stick with the other hotels for a good TAIL! experience!)

"Dress code" ... ?

The minimum you must wear inside is shoes (because of broken glass, it happens sometimes when drinks spill) and-
For guys - cover your junk, pubic hair, and butthole
For girls - cover your junk, pubic hair, butthole, and the ends of your boobs
That's it!! We encourage you to let loose, strut in your underwear, or if you prefer to be indeed fully covered, wear your full-on latex suit, fursuit, pup gear, harnesses, or whatever you want.

By going to TAIL!, you may see people in only minimal clothing and no fursuit or other costume. This may not be for everyone, so know this ahead of time, thank  you.

Do I have to wear a fursuit to attend?

Of course not, although they are encouraged!

Do I have to be a furry to attend?

No, you can attend, but you will likely leave a furry. Congratulations!

Is there changing space for fursuiters?

There sure is, the entire basement is like a big changing space! If you really need privacy, there is also a bathroom with a locked door downstairs. There are chairs, tables, and sofas as well, but the later you get there, the less likely there is to be ample space at any time (though there is usually somewhere to squeeze in).

Can I bring my own food? Is there food?

You sure can bring your own food! PLEASE be careful and respectful of suiters — we have a lotta expensive fur 'round here! Consider eating your food outside (especially smelly stuff — nobody wants to hop out of suit and get a lungful of stank) or upstairs at a table.
Light snacks are available at the bar, and Mexican street food is made to order on the patio- tacos, quesadillas, burritos!

Can I bring my own drinks?

You may not bring liquid of any kind into the bar. This is a bar-specific rule and is non-negotiable, but you can direct any questions to the bar owner Lenny. You may not leave the premises with alcohol — but you can enjoy your drinks outside on the front patio!

What about water?

Water is provided to fursuiters and costumers free of charge - if you are in fursuit, or at least something that makes you sweat heavily that is not your normal clothing (rubber dog hood, partial, full latex costume, etc). This chilled tap water will be located behind a counter in a cooler in the basement. You can purchase cold bottled water at the bars on the upper two levels for $3.

Further concerns about water in the establishment? Please contact the bar owner on Telegram (5627607499) or call the bar (562) 597-3884) Thanks!

There are multiple levels...?

Three in total. Where you enter is the middle level - karaoke, a bar, pool tables, Megatouch, a jukebox, and plenty of tables and chairs.
Upstairs is a dance floor, another bar, and many more tables and chairs. It is also where group pictures are taken -usually- around midnight -only on Fridays-
The bottom floor is a wide open space with sofas and tables outlining some of the walls, as well as chairs. It is not strictly limited to a changing space for fursuit-changing or taking breaks, but time spent there should be limited. There are several TVs on the bottom floor. Most of them will have ambient furry themed movies to enjoy while you change or relax, while one TV is dedicated to the karaoke line-up. If you are downstairs mingling, wondering if your song is coming up, you can easily find out!

Karaoke? Do I have to pay for it? How does it work?

Karaoke is free for anyone, but it is suggested that you tip, especially if you are having a great time! It is hosted by Cole and the bar owner himself, Lenny, in addition Dawn Nichole (all non-furries.)
How it works - touch the monitor in front of the karaoke desk and it will show options - choose by searching by artist, song title, or pick from a list. You will then enter your name.

TIP - if the computer isn't accepting your name, hit the enter key instead of "NEXT"
Your name and song will be added to the list along with a number (or "NEXT" if you are the next person singing), this information is on the bottom of every TV on the main level and one of the TVs on the bottom floor (currently none are dedicated upstairs dance floor) and with every person that sings, your number will decrease by one until you are next or it is your turn. Try to be prepared early because if the current singer is not present, the next person in line is summoned. It can easily become your turn instantly even if you are 3 away!

Can I take pictures?

Yes, and by golly we highly encourage this! Please notify us of your collection when done and we will happily add links to the website. Please respect other event guests — it’s considered polite to ask those whose photo you’ve taken whether they mind it being shown publicly, particularly if they’re scantily clad or incompletely costumed. If somebody asks you to remove their photo(s) from your online gallery, please consider their wishes. Let good sense and good manners be your guide.

Will my picture be taken?

The event does not have an official photographer, but does encourage photographers to shoot and share photos at the event. You are fairly likely to be in a picture or two in some fashion, even if you are not aware of being photographed. If you do not want to be in photos, consider approaching photographers politely to make them aware of your wishes, but be aware that they may not recognize you in/out of costume, or be able to exclude you from all photos if you’re constantly interacting with fursuiters, etc. If you find an objectionable photo of yourself online, you should contact the photographer to discuss removing it.

I had a picture taken of me/ my costume, how can I find it?

Your best bet is to participate in the Telegram Channel, watching the conversation for links and pictures to be shared. You can also watch this site’s Gallery page — we’ll link to photo collections that have been shared with us here.

I left something behind!  Will it be safe until my next TAIL!? How do I get it back?

The owner Lenny always takes pictures of left behind items after every TAIL! and posts to Facebook, which are shared in the Telegram Channel afterward.  You can reach out to the bar at 562-597-3884 and work out a method of getting the items back - he usually doesn't mind keeping small items there for a while.


Don't see your question here?  Let us know!


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