Are there general rules for the event, including COVID ones?

First, the COVID ones:

You need to bring your identification as always, but you do not need vaccination records or masks right now. Be safe regardless, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.  You can visit for a digital record if you desire.

For the non-COVID rules:

  • Photos downstairs (the arcade area which doubles as a changing area) are allowed, but please do not take pictures of those in the middle of changing, etc. (please see below under "Can I take pictures?" for more information)
  • No sleeping anywhere—if you appear to be sleeping, even if you are in costume, you will be warned, and if it happens a second time, you run the risk of the bar asking you to leave.  If you are too tired, please don't come or go home.
  • No attending if you are sick! If you are sick—any type, from a cold to at risk of spreading anything, please do not attend. Thanks!

How do I report an incident that occurs at TAIL?

Firstly, if it's happening during the event, please do your best to IMMEDIATELY get the attention of: 1) Bar security, 2) Bar Staff, or 3) The event admins (in that order).

  • We will need you to be able to identify anyone involved, such as a photo or being able to point them out. We will need the details of what happened, so that we can properly address what type of situation we are dealing with, and to determine the right course of action moving forward.
  • Types of behavior that should be reported: physical touching of any kind without permission, sexual harassment, derogatory language (ie: calling people slurs), or breaking rules set by the event/club.
  • If someone is having a medical emergency while on site, please get the attention of bar staff/security immediately!

If you wait to report these incidents until after the event has concluded it becomes much more difficult for us to take any action!

If it's something that has happened outside of TAIL, please understand that these type of situations are usually completely out of our hands.

If you think someone poses a danger or threat to our event, your report needs to have physical evidence. You may submit any relevant evidence to the admins via Telegram DM—@prettyomi or by email—

We cannot act on here say, rumors, or second-hand accounts. We need screenshots, police reports, valid restraining orders, or any other hard evidence that can be provided. We also will not act on reports where it's simply people who don't like each other, or differences of opinions.

Please understand that we have to stay open minded and un-biased with all reports, and we cannot immediately take one side. We do take all reports seriously. Please also understand that our admins have day lives and may be in different time zones.

When's the next TAIL!?

Friday, July 5

When does TAIL! start and end?

The event always ends at 1:30 a.m. but please be courteous and don't dawdle until 2 a.m. which is the bar's closing time.  Tail itself and the cover charge both officially start at 7 pm on Fridays and the cover charge starts at 7 pm as well, currently.  For Saturdays, it is the same- 7 pm and 7 pm.  The club opens its doors at 7 pm on both Fridays and Saturdays, as well.  This means you cannot avoid the cover charge currently, unfortunately.

What is the cover charge?

Fridays - $5 (Starts at 7 pm), and $8 after 10 pm.

Saturdays- $7 before 10 pm, and $10 after 10 pm.

Are there in and out privileges?  Can I smoke outside?

There are no in and out privileges per se, but if it is important to you to get an item from your car, just a few minutes is fine and is not a problem, although you will likely have a bag searched if that is what you are bringing in.
It is imperative that you tell security outside that you are going to be right back, otherwise they have no idea since they have to keep track of so many faces in total the entire night.
If there's still an issue of security giving you a hard time after saying you'd be right back, that needs to be brought up to Lenny in person on the same night so the issue can be resolved on the spot as issues like that become difficult to resolve when the night is over.

You can smoke outside on the patio without exiting the event.


Click on map to enlarge!

Green areas: Open street parking on Redondo Ave, and the main parking lot behind the Out of the Closet thrift store. This parking lot is currently smaller than usual with storage containers. This lot will fill up quickly.  There is a single handicap parking space here behind Out of the Closet.
Purple area: Open street parking along E. 19th Street.
Red area: This used to be our overflow lot off of Loma Ave. This lot, and the office complex it was attached to are currently completely gone, and under construction. We do not know at this time if the lot will return, or be available.

Parking is a little tricky at this time, with our main parking lot being smaller than usual, and with the loss of our overflow parking lot. When looking for parking in nearby areas that exceed what we have indicated on this map, please be mindful of any signs in the area indicating you should not park there. Do not block any residences. Parking in lots for other nearby businesses (even if they appear closed) will be at your own risk, and you may get towed. The nearby animal hospital for instance will not hesitate to tow vehicles that attempt to use their parking lot.
Again, there is a handicap parking space behind Out of the Closet.

  • Do not park in any other lots — local businesses and hotels WILL TOW, 24 hours a day.
  • As with any high-tourist urban area, do not leave valuables in your car.

I'm coming a long way - any hotels in walking distance?

There sure are! Check these out! (Please note "Signal Hill" is a bordering city - some locations refer to being in Long Beach, some don't, just consider them the same city!)

Econolodge -

(562) 343-1820

Quality Inn -

(562) 597-3374

(note - we do not recommend the Rodeway Inn due to general complaints - stick with the other hotels for a good TAIL! experience!)

"Dress code" ... ?

The minimum you must wear inside is shoes (because of broken glass, it happens sometimes when drinks spill) and-
For guys - cover your junk, pubic hair, and butthole
For girls - cover your junk, pubic hair, butthole, and the ends of your boobs
That's it!! We encourage you to let loose, strut in your underwear, or if you prefer to be indeed fully covered, wear your full-on latex suit, fursuit, pup gear, harnesses, or whatever you want.

By going to TAIL!, you may see people in only minimal clothing and no fursuit or other costume. This may not be for everyone, so know this ahead of time, thank  you.

Do I have to wear a fursuit to attend?

Of course not, although they are encouraged!

Do I have to be a furry to attend?

No, you can attend, but you will likely leave a furry. Congratulations!

Is there changing space for fursuiters?

There sure is: the basement has some space for changing.  There are arcade machines there now, and no couches, but still some space. If you really need privacy, there is also a bathroom with a locked door downstairs.

Can I bring my own food? Is there food?

You sure can bring your own food! PLEASE be careful and respectful of suiters—we have a lotta expensive fur 'round here! Consider eating your food outside (especially smelly stuff—nobody wants to hop out of suit and get a lungful of stank) or upstairs at a table.
Light snacks are available at the bar, and there is a food truck now (which has replaced the taco vendor) with a variety of food, and it takes up less space on the patio, as well!

Can I bring my own drinks?

You may not bring liquid of any kind into the bar. This is a bar-specific rule and is non-negotiable, but you can direct any questions to the bar owner Lenny. You may not leave the premises with alcohol — but you can enjoy your drinks outside on the front patio!

What about water?

You can purchase cold bottled water at the bars on the upper two levels.

Further concerns about water in the establishment? Please contact the bar owner—call the bar (562) 597-3884) Thanks!

There are multiple levels...?

Three in total. Where you enter is the middle level—karaoke, a bar, pool tables, Megatouch, a jukebox, and plenty of tables and chairs, as well as a public bathroom.
Upstairs is a dance floor, another bar, and many more tables and chairs, as well as the Furry Safari.
The bottom floor is an arcade area which also serves as a changing space for those costuming, and there is a bathroom with a locked door (the bathroom on ground level is more public)

Karaoke? Do I have to pay for it? How does it work?

Karaoke is free for anyone, but it is suggested that you tip, especially if you are having a great time! It is usually hosted by Emily Grace Fine or Lenny the bar owner.
How it works - touch the monitor in front of the karaoke desk and it will show options - choose by searching by artist, song title, or pick from a list. You will then enter your name.

If the computer isn't accepting your name, hit the enter key instead of "NEXT"
Your name and song will be added to the list along with a number (or "NEXT" if you are the next person singing), this information is on the bottom of every TV on the main level and one of the TVs on the bottom floor (currently none are dedicated upstairs dance floor) and with every person that sings, your number will decrease by one until you are next or it is your turn. Try to be prepared early because if the current singer is not present, the next person in line is summoned. It can easily become your turn instantly even if you are 3 away!

Can I take pictures?

Yes, and by golly we highly encourage this! Please notify us ( of your collection when done and we will happily add links to the website. Please respect other event guests—it’s considered polite to ask those whose photo you’ve taken whether they mind it being shown publicly, particularly if they’re scantily clad or incompletely costumed. If somebody asks you to remove their photo(s) from your online gallery, please consider their wishes. Let good sense and good manners be your guide.

You can take pictures downstairs in the arcade area, but please do not take pictures of attendees in the middle of dressing/undressing.  Use good judgement and respect requests from others.

Will my picture be taken?

The event does not have an official photographer, but does encourage photographers to shoot and share photos at the event. You are fairly likely to be in a picture or two in some fashion, even if you are not aware of being photographed. If you do not want to be in photos, consider approaching photographers politely to make them aware of your wishes, but be aware that they may not recognize you in/out of costume, or be able to exclude you from all photos if you’re constantly interacting with fursuiters, etc. If you find an objectionable photo of yourself online, you should contact the photographer to discuss removing it.

Again, you can take pictures downstairs in the arcade area, but please do not take pictures of attendees in the middle of dressing/undressing.  Use good judgement and respect requests from others.

I had a picture taken of me/ my costume, how can I find it?

Your best bet is to participate in the Telegram Channel, watching the conversation for links and pictures to be shared. You can also watch this site’s Gallery page — we’ll link to photo collections that have been shared with us here.

I left something behind!  Will it be safe until my next TAIL!? How do I get it back?

The owner Lenny always takes pictures of left behind items after every TAIL! and posts to Facebook, which are shared in the Telegram Channel afterward.  You can reach out to the bar at 562-597-3884 and work out a method of getting the items back—he usually doesn't mind keeping small items there for a while.

What is Safari?

The Friday Tail opens up the top floor with a furst of its kind drag show! Furry Safari is a show where drag queens, kings, and in-betweens perform furry and animal themed numbers that run the gambit from silly, to scary, to sexy.

A show created by furries for furries from the Haus of Blackwater, hosted by Jaxsyn Blackwater, Skunky Sweet, and Roger-Roger. Come join the party animals for the fun!

Please note this is only for Fridays, not Saturdays.

Don't see your question here?  Let us know!